Sunday, January 1, 2012

Luxembourg American Cemetery & Memorial (Our New Year's Eve)

The Luxembourg American Cemetery & Memorial is located in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The only days they are closed is Christmas Day and New Years Day so we decided to make our New Year's Eve trip to Luxembourg this year for some history and shopping. Unfortunately we didn't realize most of the stores downtown would be closing early in observance of New Years Eve so our shopping consisted of us finding parking, walking to the shop I meant to stop at, finding the doors locks, making a realization and heading back to the car! It's OK. It's only an hour and a half drive from our home so we can go back on another weekend. I hope you enjoy the pictures from the trip.
Entering Luxembourg, leaving Germany

The visitors center

The Chapel

The ceiling of the chapel (This was too pretty for black and white)

Inside the chapel

Inside the chapel

Inside the chapel

The guestbook

downtown Luxembourg

Then we went back home to Germany to watch the fireworks from our apartment window.

Happy New Year!!


  1. I love the pictures!! So pretty there

  2. this was really touching. Hapy New Year to You All. Love Aunt Rochelle