Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do you have hot water at night?

Does your base turn off the hot water or heat at night?
Since moving into this apartment nearly two years ago we have very rarely had any hot water in the evening. Forget taking a relaxing bath after your child finally falls asleep, coloring your hair, doing the dishes, ect. I had to learn the hard way to check for warm water BEFORE you put dye in your hair!! We had pretty much accepted it until it got cold outside and this year the HEATERS weren't working at night. When spouses started calling DPW they were being told that the the post stops hot water production between 11pm and 5:30am to conserve energy. See the e-mail below (names and phone numbers have been omitted due to privacy.)

Ms. ------, 

the Garrison intentionally turns off hot water production between approx 2300 and 0530. Which is why there is no hot water late evening or early morning. One reason this was done is for energy conservation. We are required to reduce our energy consumption every year and this is one of the measures that does that. Another reason is that there is a direct cost savings resulting from reducing the amount of energy consumed. It isn't economically justifiable to provide hot water during these hours of very low demand. 

S---- W-----
Ind Engr Techn
DSN 485----- (Civ. +49-06783/------)

 Further complaints to housing led to statements that they "weren't stopping production per se, they were just stopping the pumps that feed the steam to the buildings" (I don't see much of a difference since either way we're not getting the heat...) "and that the buildings should have an adequate amount left to get through the night." Apparently ours either does not, or someone else is using it all. Thank goodness it has been a mild winter and it hasn't affected us much.

Do you think the base should be allowed to deny families from getting heat and hot water during the winter months to save energy? I want to know your thoughts.

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