Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frank Gemeinhardt

After I posted my photos of Franz Jansen's home, I was searching for more information online and I stumbled across a website with the most wonderful photos! They are gorgeous. I love the website design, I love the pictures and turns out the photographer is a nice guy as well. I left a comment to let him know I liked his work and to get permission to write about him. In his reply he told me about an app called instagram. I loaded the app on my iPhone and started following him (like twitter, not in the scary stalker like way.) I started uploading some of my own photos and now I am totally addicted!  If you'd like to follow me on instagram search for hborstad ( But we'll come back to that another time. 

Here is the website I was telling you about.
Find him on instagram: search for "gemeiny"

Below are a few examples of his beautiful photography. They truly make me want to work harder and keep practicing. He has photos from all over Europe with a great eye for beauty in the abandoned and dilapidated. 

Eiche im Hambachtal

Photo license: © All Rights Reserved Frank Gemeinhardt

Gulls in Galveston Texas

Photo license: © All Rights Reserved Frank Gemeinhardt


Photo license: © All Rights Reserved Frank Gemeinhardt


Photo license: © All Rights Reserved Frank Gemeinhardt

Please check out his work and if you like it sign the guestbook and let him know. 

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