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One of the things I feel especially strongly about is OPSEC. PLEASE for the safety of all of our troops and their families do not discuss information in public places, on the phone or in detail. Information is still being uncovered about the fatal shootings in Frankfurt, but perhaps this tragedy could have been prevented with a little more vigilance. Please share this with everyone you can. There are a large number of wives that are unaware they are putting the soldiers at risk. And for those of you who are not in the military, please do not ask about deployment details. We are unable to discuss them and it is dangerous to do so. 

OPSEC means operational security. It's not just for members of the military. Everyone needs to be careful what they say. Especially spouses! 

What Can We Do?
Not everyone is fond of the United States and would like to see us fail or harmed. Its important for those in the states to be careful and even more important for those of us stationed overseas to be alert. Terrorists collect a lot of information using spies.  Be aware there are people who may try to befriend you in order to collect sensitive information. 

Be Careful
Understand if your spouse is not able to discuss work. Its for everyone's good.
It's also important for you to keep private :
  • Flight schedules
  • Troop movements (including deployments, re-deployments, training, and R&R)
  • TDY locations
  • Facts about military intentions, capabilities, operations or activities
  • Detailed information about the mission of assigned units
  • Details on locations and times of unit deployments
  • Personnel transactions that occur in large numbers (Example:  pay information, powers of attorney, wills, deployment information)
  • References to trends in unit morale or personnel problems
  • Details concerning security procedures
  • Posting sensitive photographs to the internet (especially those showing the results of IED strikes, battle scenes, casualties, and destroyed or damaged equipment)


This goes for personal information as well. This is called PERSEC

Be careful of what personal information you give out as well. Blogs, forums and social websites are easy targets.  Would you post your checking account information or credit card numbers online? Its just as important to protect details about where you live, when you'll be home or away.  Even if the information if given to a close friend, you don't know everyone they are friends with or to whom the information might be repeated. Beware that personal photographs contain a wealth of information. Consider it one of your missions as a military spouse. 

It's also a good idea not to discuss halfway points or refer to how many months are left in the deployment. Also don't discuss how long your spouse has been deployed. This includes discussing percentages left on a deployment. (example: There is only 20% left on this deployment) Do not post tickers or countdowns showing how much time is left before a redeployment/R&R. The terrorists can count too. It's an exciting time but it won't be nearly as exciting if not everyone makes it home safely. Remind your friends and family too.

Although what you speak of or write of might seem unimportant, our enemies are very good at piecing information together. 

• If you speak of sensitive information at the Commissary, the park, or the coffee shop someone from the other side may be listening. Many times terrorists will blend into a community for a long period of time and look just like us. They may have kids in school with yours or attend your church.
• If anyone, even a friend,
persistently seeks information, notify your
military sponsor immediately.  He or she will
notify the unit OPSEC program manager.

Social Media Guide for Military Families
more information regarding OPSEC maybe viewed at:

I welcome any additions or links to OPSEC pages.

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