Saturday, November 12, 2011

Super Birthday!

My little girl turned 4 in August. We had a joint birthday party with a friend's little boy and their mutual friends. Since little boys aren't fond of pink princess parties we had a super hero theme and the kids had so much fun! 

The kids each got their own (handmade) cape with their "super hero nickname" sewn on the back. The letters were cut out of felt and sew onto the cape. 

The baby's cape was actually a bib that was turned into a cape :D

We bought the masks online  - 12 for $2.00 at oriental trading

My little "Meanie Me" stayed in character the whole party.

My daughter helped me make the spider-man pinata.

The cupcakes had an unfortunate accident on the way to the party site but they still tasted great. We were going to have a fondant cake made but the lady that makes them here was not available.

We printed traditional super hero action words and hung them around the room. Wham! Blam! Kaboom!

And then we had a super hero themed birthday banner printed with a cartoon version of each of the kids at the party in their super hero garb.