Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 year recap with a bonus nail product review

Hello strangers! Ok, I know I've been gone for a long time. A lot has happened. We moved back to the states. We got a second cat. I had a car accident. I had a miscarriage. We got a third cat. I got a job, then I got a different job. I had a baby. We bought a house. We got another cat. (Yes that makes four for those of you keeping track and laughing). I quit smoking, which means I need something to distract me and keep my hands busy. I joined Ipsy. I LOVE it! I am now obsessed with makeup and skin care and samples! I also signed up for Influenster. It's a little more work, but they do send some great stuff for FREE.

So.... That leads me to my latest product review. I got these Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads. They come individually packaged with one felt pad inside. I expected it to be really thin like a baby wipe or an alcohol wipe. It's really thick and pretty saturated. I wouldn't have a problem doing both hands with one pad. I currently have on Sally Hanson Sensationail Gel polish on 8 of my fingers (it came off both my pointers at the pool the other day and I haven't repaired it yet). The cutex remover pads could really come in handy if you would be traveling and don't want to bring a full size bottle of remover. It also didn't dry out my skin like acetone remover does. However, it wouldn't work very well on gel polish. I will definitely pick some of these pads up for my toenails though the next time I'm at the store.

I also received the new Sinful Colors Limited Time Porcelain Matte nail polish in "We're All Matte Here" color. The color is pretty but this polish really isn't my cup of Diet Coke ;) you guys know I don't drink tea....
Anyhow, it went on smooth and as it dries it turns matte. The only thing this is good for in my opinion is letting me know it's dry. I don't like the matte look at all. I might be using my Cutex remover pad to take this right back off and put something shiny on again. Now if you like the matte look, this is great stuff. Even coverage and pretty colors. The second coat didn't go on as smooth as the first but not as thick as the Sally Hanson Miracle Gel. The first coat of that stuff always goes on great and then I muck it up with the second. That's the main reason I don't buy that anymore. I think I'll stick to the real gel with the uv light. Don't forget your nail shield gel based strips though! They are a lifesaver when it comes time to take off your polish! A little soak in water and you can peel them right off without damage. They take a little extra time to put on but it's sooo worth it. I can make these nails last 2-3 weeks with a few touch ups occasionally. Ok, now I'm really off subject. I'll come back to my obsession with the gel nails at a later time. I have pictures to add for you but I'm having technical difficulties so hopefully I get back to that as well. And not in 3 years this time.

"I received these products (the cutex nail polish remover pads and sinful color nail polish) complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." I did not recieve any Sally Hanson products for free but if they would like to send me some I would not refuse. I would be thrilled. It's my favorite. Hey Sally, contact me for my address! Ha! 

Until next time, hug your loved ones. You don't know how long you have! 

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