Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dress shopping from my recliner

We have a military ball coming up in May. I thought I had plenty of time to get a dress so I wasn't really worried. I had a dress all picked out online and according to the site it only took a couple weeks to make and ship out. I found out Monday that site is a scam. They take real pictures from designers websites and use them as their own. Then when you order a dress they try to copy them but do a poor job of it. I searched for the company on Google and found hundreds of angry reviews from customers saying their dress didn't look anything like the picture, it didn't fit even though they had given their exact measurements and paid extra for the tailoring, the color was wrong, or the seams weren't finished and none could get their money back.  

After that news I had to start from scratch. I've seen a lot of dresses I like but only a handful that would flatter my body type and be "bra friendly." I think my days of strapless dresses are well behind me. The girls need some help ;) While searching the designers websites I came across a list that one designer has assembled consisting of these rip-off companies making fake dresses. (You can view the message & information from Mori Lee here.) They recommend NOT using any of the companies listed: 

I would personally like to add and to that list. Feel free to message me with any you have had experience with or come across and I will check it out and add them.

After countless hours of searching websites online for "THE" dress I have noticed a common theme with these knock off sites. Many of these sites have a ticker or countdown clock at the top of the page indicating when their current "sale" is going to be over. It is always running. I have come back a month later and it is still counting down. It never runs out. They also have designer dresses (sometimes with other heads photo-shopped onto the bodies, sometimes you can see the designers logo somewhere on the photo) but it will not give a name brand of the dress anywhere on the page. They will usually have a drop down menu to choose the color you want and will often list "same as picture" as a color option. The manufacturing time will be anywhere from 7-21 days, not weeks. I would stay away from any of these. The companies are most often located in China and a one site that I came across even stated that they will try to copy the dress to 95% of the picture but if you're looking for a 100% match to the picture, not to order. Look for things like that in their return policy.They also often say they will take credit card or Paypal but when it comes time to check out the credit card option will not work and you will have to pay with either Paypal or western union. A reputable site should accept a credit card so you have the option to dispute it through your card. 

If you find a site you'd like to order from but are concerned whether they are offering real quality products there are some things you can do. Do a search. Put in the company name along with words like reviews, or complaints and see what comes up. Check on sites like or . You can also contact the designer who makes the dress and ask if this company is an authorized retailer (this is the most certain route.) Be smart and cautious. You don't have time and money to waste when you're looking for a ball gown. Most designers take 10-12 weeks to cut a dress. If you pay an extra fee some will rush cut it for you and you might be able to get it in as little as 6-8 weeks. Start looking early so you don't have to fork out extra money for rush orders. Be aware the plus sizes usually cost more. And remember the old cliche, you get what you pay for. I'm finding out in the dress shopping world this is even more true!

Have you had an experience with one of these sites? Or a different site? Share your experience here.


  1. Thank you for all the site suggestions. I am looking for cheap plus sized wedding dresses. I will have to check out these sites. Hopefully I will have some luck.

  2. These are actually sites to AVOID. Good luck to you :)