Friday, January 20, 2012

Franz Jansen

I've been wanting to take pictures of Franz Jansen's house since I first saw it. Today I was picking up a friend up from the train station and it was on the way and I had extra time.  Franz Jansen will be 77 in a couple of months. He often stands by the side of the road in Baumholder dressed in military clothing holding signs supporting the U.S. Military. If you see him, stop and talk to him. He will probably make you cry telling you how grateful he is for his life and his freedom. He was born in Slovenia where he lived through WWII and the political repression that followed. He immigrated to Germany in 1964.  In 1986 he started putting up supportive signs around his home. These signs have grown over the years to include the house itself and even the helmet he wears. This man is so thankful to the United States he brings tears to my eyes. When people tell you that the people we fight for aren't thankful, that they don't want us there, Franz is proof that it's not always true. 

I'd like to say Thank you Franz for reminding us how important freedom is!

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