Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free the Kinder-Egg

Mmmm, Kinder Eggs have got to be one of my favorite things about the super markets here. Well, besides the Happy Hippos, and the Buenos.. you get the idea. Too bad the eggs are illegal in the U.S. I'll miss them when we move! Kinder Eggs are hollow chocolate eggs that have a plastic bubble inside like the ones you get in the machines where you insert a quarter and turn the knob and you get some little plastic toy? Some of the toys need to be put together, sometimes there is a puzzle, a car, there are thousands of different kinder surprises. They even have different themed eggs you can buy. Barbie, Disney, Spongebob, Hello Kitty, ect! All the eggs have warnings that they are not for children 0-3 due to the small pieces. The plain "non-themed" eggs cost about € .40-.55. The themed eggs usually have cuter prizes, in my opinion, and cost about €.99. Around the holidays like Christmas and Easter they even have huge eggs for sale. I've seen some for as much as €10!

(This is one of the giant eggs. It's about the size of an american football.)

There are signs posted at our post office warning that it's against customs regulations to mail these eggs back to the United States. (Read more about that.) I've heard several reason why but the most convincing theory I have heard is that the US has a ban against any non-food items being embedded inside food. (They must think we're all dumb enough to eat the egg whole.) I wonder if that's why there are not toys in my cereal anymore?

There is an online petition you can sign if you'd like to try to help get this ban lifted or revised. Click here to visit the blog for more info and sign the petition to Free the Egg.

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