Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Fever

Look what I got in the mail yesterday from my grandmother-in-law! My birthday present finally got here!

I had to start using it right away so I finished up the three hats I had in the works and made these...

I also let my daughter pick out some new nail polish at the store. It was fairly inexpensive so I let her get an assortment of colors. Of course we had to use every single one the minute we got home! Her hands and toes are a like an ice cream cone with glitter sprinkles on top. She insisted I paint mine as well. I took the nail polish off in the morning (after all I'm a little too old for blue, orange, yellow and green fingernails), but I left it on my toes ;) It's our little secret. 

I'm not sure if we've got a case of spring fever but judging by the recent color choices I'd say it's a pretty safe bet.

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