Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arrr! Monster Radiation Blindness!

Ahoy me mateys! I had no idea how hard it would be to sew with only one contact in! Maybe I shouldn't be driving....hmmm. 

I went to the eye doctor Thursday because I felt like I was coming down with pink eye. Any of you with children or contacts will know exactly what I mean. This was the red, itchy, mattery, dry feeling kind thats usually contagious (not the also all too familiar light sensitive, burning, watering, mattery kind caused by my contacts.) Since my daughter had been rubbing at her eye and complaining it hurt we managed to be seen during the last half hour of the day. I can't say I was very impressed. She told me that I didn't have pink eye. Actually no problems with the eyes. I had 20/20 vision with my contacts in. Apparently the contacts were the issue. She told me to take them out and clean them once in a while. WHAT?? Apparently she's not aware of my "wear them until they are painful 12 month plan." She also admonished me for not having a pair of glasses to wear in an emergency like this (which turned out to not really be an emergency since there was nothing wrong.) And if that were not enough pleasantries she scolded me for using my daughters expired pink eye medication from the last bout in our house. Hmmm. I'm not sure how well me and this new eye doctor are going to get along.  I changed the contacts when I got home but the next day it was even more red and watery so I decided to leave it out a few days and rest my eye. I had to leave the other in so that I can function. I've gone months with just one in so I didn't think it would be that big of an issue but then I tried to sew. It's been interesting getting used to this lack of depth perception. I was going to leave one eye off my last project as a dedication to my new "pirate squinty eye" sewing technique coupled with the radiation leak in Japan which is sure to jump start some new species of animals, but since that's not what my customer ordered I stuck with the normal two-eyed cookie monster.  Maybe I can get a job at Disneyland Paris working at on the pirate ship whilst we are there next week. ;) wink wink. Get it? Bahahaha!

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