Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hborstad's favorite things

It occured to me that I have never explained why I named my store and my blog Hborstad/hborstad so I suppose I should. My daughter and I have the same initials. I'm big H and she's little h. She'll probably be upset with me when she's old enough to have email accounts and she can't use hborstad for anything because they've already been used! Anyhow, here are a few of the little h's favorite things.

This would actually be the second blanket - the first was lost somewhere in Texas and I spent all day retracing our steps and calling stores searching for it. We had a couple rough nights without it. I tried replacing it with a similar blanket but it didn't take. I was able to find a used one on e-bay for about twice what I paid brand new for hers and voila! She had her blankie back!

This is her "bo-bo". Those of you that have seen my photos on facebook may recognize this from many photos of her. She rarely goes anywhere without it and therefore it ends up in the majority of my pictures of her. She doesn't realize that she has 3 of them. After the blanket incident I found two more of these on e-bay and ordered them without hesitation to have as back-ups. We did inevitably lose one here in Germany. I was glad I had bought the others, even though the lost pillow was eventually found at the library several weeks later. So now she has 2 that she knows of and 1 still in the closet. The odd thing about the "bo-bo's" is that she has a favorite of the two. She smells them and decides which is which. My husband and I have tried smelling them and cannot tell any difference. We've also washed them and gave them back and she still seems to have a preference for one of them. Go figure!

She's had many favorite toys of the years and it's just my luck that none of them are ever easily replaced. They're never sold in stores by that time and are always two to three times as expensive on E-bay, but I'm a sucker for favorite things. I lost my blanket when I was about two and it was never found. R.I.P. favorite yellow blanket from 30 years ago! ;)

If anyone has either of these items and would like to sell them I am always on the look out for replacements just in case!

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