Monday, March 7, 2011


Fasching is the season of Carnival. Americans call it Mardi Gras. The beginning of the Carnival season in Germany begins November 11 at 11:11am. The first few months are pretty tame but Germans let loose and party right before lent which is the end of the Carnival season. Today is known as Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). On Rosenmontag there are various street processions involving lots of costumes and carnival floats. Faschingsdienstag (Carnival Tuesday) is the last day of Fasching and when most of the festivities happen. Faschingsdienstag is not an official holiday but workers usually get the afternoon off. 
Today was the Fasching Parade in Baumholder. Children and adults dressed up in costumes and lined the streets to watch the parade, celebrate and collect candy. Two women dressed as nuns led the parade and collected 1.50 Euro for those children that would be receiving candy and the help fund the event. They gave us a pin to wear to show we had paid. 

My husband was offered the afternoon off to celebrate but he had a lot of work to do so he just took off an hour to watch the parade with us. We had lots of fun and came home with a bucket full of candy. I think Hailey's favorite part was getting to wear her Halloween costume again! Maybe next year I'll dress up too!

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