Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burg Lichtenberg

A couple days ago on a whim I went in search of a craft store (or the rumor of one at least) in the nearby town of Kusel. The drive through the countryside was beautiful and it was a nice day out other than the chill to the wind. I tend to drive like a 90 year old lady when I'm trying to look for something so the Germans driving (tailgating) behind me were probably not thrilled. I think I pulled over twice to let people go around me! After a quick pass through town I gave up on the craft store. I hate wondering around looking like a lost tourist (which I basically WAS!) so I decided instead of the trip being a waste, we would go stroll through the castle on top of the hill again. The first time we went my husband was along and we climbed all the stairs, explored the entire thing inside and out. I found out that when I'm alone with a 3 year old at nearly 800 year old castle ruins, I spend more time yelling warnings and watching to make sure she isn't face planting on the cobblestones than actually seeing the beauty all around me. I did manage to get a few pretty photos taken before my maximum stress level for multi-tasking was reached. I hope you enjoy them. (even if I didn't get to appreciate the castle fully in person I can go back and look at these pictures anytime I want :) I was proud of the fact that I drove right to it without turning on the GPS. Go me!

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