Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colorsafe Bleach?

My husband spoils me. He bought me a new rug yesterday. I suppose I should share the reason behind it though so you can understand my ability to ruin just about anything I wash. That must be why he insists on doing all the laundry! See I am learning things about myself after all! Anyway, when we first moved here we bought new rugs and curtains to fit our apartment. I ruined the kitchen rug (it's actually meant to be a bathroom rug but I LOVE the thickness and fluffiness so much that I put it in front of my kitchen sink. It almost makes doing dishes bearable) by washing it in Purex color safe bleach. Color safe? I think not! It had a slightly tie-dyed appearance but I didn't realize just how faded it was until he bought me an identical replacement. Here is a side by side comparison for you to evaluate. What do you think? Have you had this happen?
The top rug is the new one. The bottom one used to be that color!
I think it goes without saying that I will NOT be using colorsafe bleach on any of my rugs again!

He got me new plates too! Yay!

Here's a tip for those of you that live in stairwell housing like me:
Did you know your dishwasher rack was adjustable? My plates were too large to fit in the dishwasher without the sprayer arm hitting them when it goes around. My husband raised the rack up and now there is room for my plates! I thought I was going to have to wash them all by hand.
Here's how: 
At the end of the wheel track there is a small plastic piece. It swivels out so you can remove the rack. When you put it back in make sure the wheels are in the correct position to raise or lower the rack depending on your needs. Then just swivel the plastic back and snap in place. 

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