Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cell phone migrane! (continued from previous post)

WOW! I hope this is an isolated incident and not happening to anyone else. In the future I will refrain from sharing any information I receive from AT&T customer service since that information will most likely be incorrect and therefore screw up your account as well. If you read my previous blog you'll see we have a unique cell phone situation and I, being proactive sought out answers beforehand to ensure a smooth transition to our new cell phone carrier and mobile phones. Well that was a stupid idea!

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Our phones were supposed to activate themselves yesterday. I called my parents several times yesterday to check and nothing was happening. I called customer service and was told to allow more time and I was assured it was still going to happen last night. I called my parents again this afternoon. No change. I called customer service again (another hour on hold) and instead of doing anything to my account or checking anything she gave me generic trouble shooting advice and told me to try it and call back. Since the phones are with my folks and not physically here with me it of course becomes more complicated as I have to call my sixty some year old father and walk him through the steps she gave me. No change. I called customer service once again (only a 30 minute wait this time, woohoo!) and was told that due to a recent rate change request on my account my transition date had been postponed to allow them to update their system with the new plan and so it wouldn't  mess up my billing. He told me I would be receiving a new date view text message in a couple weeks. WTH? The only "change" to our account in the last few months was asking Alltel to remove the military suspension (as directed by customer service) so the account would be active for the transition. And THAT is what is screwing up our transfer?? He said as long as no other rate changes had happened he could manually activate our account. Now the next step is to call my father again and walk him through the process yet again and hopefully this will take care of the situation. I actually find it mildly amusing that following their direct instructions was what caused the issue, but I'm really agitated that the woman with the heavy accent I spoke to earlier couldn't have told me this. Nothing had changed between those two phone calls. Was she just a moron or was she trying to get me off the phone as fast as possible to keep her statistics up? I can tell I'm going to LOVE being an AT&T customer. (that was sarcasm for those of you that don't know me)

**UPDATE** April 26,2011*********************************
It just keeps getting better! I called AT&T customer service today to put the military suspension on and was told we could only put it on once a year and only for 180 days (6 months) but we'd still have to pay for the service while it was turned off. EFF OFF!! Thats NOT what we were told prior to this transition and thats not what it states on their own website:

(The above is a screen print from their website. I know its pretty small so here is what it says:)

I read this to the customer service rep who kept putting me on hold and coming back and telling me the exact same thing. Then after several times of doing this she started insinuating that we aren't technically "deployed". I pointed out to her that I haven't heard of any "war zone deployments" that lasted for 3 years and the only tours that are for 3 years are overseas tours which is what we are on. Not only that but it says in that paragraph, "..being transferred OR deployed for 90 or longer.."

She put me on hold again saying she was going to call Alltel and see how they handle it. When she came back she said we could either cancel the account under the buyers remorse clause, or we could wait 30 days (pay the 1st months bill) and then put it on hold for 38 months. I told her I had to talk to my husband. We have had nothing but issues with AT&T so far and we've only been customers for five days. I'm not sure I want to deal with them going forward. Has anyone else in the military experienced issues like these? I know of another with a similar situation. I'd like to hear your experiences! Feel free to share in the comments.

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