Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Confessions of an Army Wife - Bad Habits

Confession time:
I used to always take a juice box and a can of Diet Coke to the park. (juice for my daughter - Diet Coke for myself just in case you were confused)

Recently I splurged on a new water bottle. It cost more than I would usually spend but I thought it would be worth it if it got us to drink more water. My daughter hates water almost as much as I hate milk so getting her to drink it can be tricky. I thought maybe if she saw me drinking it she would copy me so I got one for her and one for myself. Sometimes I still take a can of Diet Coke in addition to my water bottle but I have actually been choosing the water over the soda! Yay me! I can't explain it but I just LOVE this bottle. My daughter doesn't drink as much water as she should but she isn't drinking nearly as much juice as she used to either. I've completely gotten her away from having a sippy cup at bedtime. She gets to have her water but she rarely drinks any of it.

As a bonus, since she doesn't drink liquids at night anymore she stays dry all night. She has been wearing big girl underwear for at least a month and she's only had one accident at night! Yay her! 

Ok, so now you're thinking, that wasn't much of a confession! You wanted something juicy didn't you?! What do you expect. I live in Baumholder after all! I'll try to think of something more dramatic for you next time ;)

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