Thursday, February 9, 2012

Declawing cats :(

I'm proud to say my cat still has and always will have his claws 

I have seen a cat de-clawing procedure first hand and I believe before you are allowed to get your cat de-clawed you should have to watch one as well. It's a horrible procedure where they put the cat under anesthesia and cut off the ends of their toes up to the first knuckle. They do this so that they don't grow back. If they were just "trimming their nails" they wouldn't have to be put under. There is blood, there is pain and for some there are complications. Imagine cutting off the ends of your fingers and being sent home from the hospital a couple days later with no pain medicine. The fact that people do this for their own convenience sickens me. Cats come with claws. If you can't handle that, please don't get a cat. Would you cut out a puppies teeth if they continued to chew up your shoes? That probably sounds silly to you, but actually dogs don't use their teeth as often as a cat has to walk on their paws. 

Please, please please do some research before you go out and cut off your cat's toes. Your cat will thank you and so will I.

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  1. I would never declaw my cats. I left them alone. I knew it was a horrific procedure. Slinky is so photogenetic!!