Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart Valentine's Day

So instead of making Valentine's Day all about candy this year I thought I'd try to make it fun. I cut out a bunch of pink and red hearts to decorate my daughters room with and made a heart banner with some construction paper, ribbon and tape.

easy peasy

 I wrapped up her Valentine's Day gifts and made a little scavenger hunt for her to find them. Since she's only four and she can't read yet I made it a picture hunt on yellow hearts so she doesn't get them confused with the pink and red hearts that are all over the house. 

I think I learned was that if you're going to be taking pictures of a fast paced scavenger hunt in low light, it's best to put the camera on auto instead of trying to adjust manual settings! So many blurry photos! She had sooo much fun though, I can't wait to do it again next year. 

her first clue...

that drawing was horrible, good thing she knew what it was...

it was unplugged, don't worry...

 but which boots?...

the microwave!

it took her awhile to figure out what that drawing was LOL

the present was in the bathtub!

She helped me decorate the house with cut out hearts. There is something still fun about cutting hearts out of paper.

 our front door

Confession: I used to get really annoyed by people that would say "heart" instead of love when someone draws a heart in a sentence but I guess it's grown on me :)

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  1. So cute Holly! I can't believe how big Hailey is! Howver, I don't see Slinky with a Valentine :)