Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confessions of an Army Wife - Weaknesses

You've discovered my weakness. Not only are they delicious but the money goes to a good cause! How can you resist those cute little girls that are lurking at the CMR, the commissary, the power zone? It's a good thing I have any willpower at all or I'd be buying 3 boxes a day. So far this year I've resisted as much as I could. I've only purchased 5 boxes. 3 of them have been demolished and the last 2 will be joining those empty boxes in the trash very soon. The samoas are my favorite. Apparently those are the only flavor I should buy from now. I found half a box of thin mints in the cupboard...from last year. We won't get into last year. Lets just say we ordered a whole case from our niece in the states, and we still bought from our local troops!

You know how I said I hated doing dishes? (that post probably should have been a confession post) The one thing I hate doing more than dishes is cleaning the deep fryer. The last time I had to clean it was when we were preparing to PCS here to Germany. It was so horrible I swore I would never put oil in it or use it again. I kept that vow for 2 years but I broke down a little while back and used it to fry donuts and mini corn dogs. The oil needed changing so I took the monster apart and cleaned it. I'm thinking about throwing it away the next time I need to clean it. It's evil I tell you!!!

Just looking at it gives me shivers. So now you know... come at me with cleaning supplies and dirty dishes and I cower in the corner. Throw a box of Girl Scout cookies at me and I melt into a drooling puddle. We Army wives are pretty strong most the time but we do have some weaknesses :)

What are your weaknesses?

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