Friday, February 24, 2012

Kliczkow Castle, Poland

Kliczkow Castle was just a short drive from where we were staying in Boleslawiec, Poland for our pottery shopping. It's a very old, huge castle that has been restored and is now a hotel/spa. We paid 20 zloty per person (about $6.5 per person with a half charge for our daughter) for a guided tour. I think it was well worth it. We got to view the Kaiser's room and hear entertaining stories about the people that used to live there. A less detailed history can be found here.


This is the reception area where you can check into the hotel or pay for your tour.

This used to be an open area (no glass windows) where the carriage would come pick people up from the castle.

The rain gutters were fashioned into dragons to ward off evil spirits.

These original fireplaces had no openings on the front. They were stoked from another room through a hole in the wall by servants. The servants were not allowed to enter the room while they were occupied.

The Kaiser's bathroom. They used to sneak women in through that door when he stayed in the adjoining bedroom.

There is a May picnic at the castle every year on May 1st which happens to be our anniversary! As fun as it sounds I doubt we'll make it back that soon. If you're thinking of a trip to Poland  the festivities are from May 1st-3rd and include a knight's tournament of German, Polish and Czech troops; Medieval games and competitions, a knight fight, grill party with Polish cuisine specialties, a riding competition and more. The best part, admission is free!!

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