Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

After visiting Poland we popped across the border back to Germany for more fuel at the Esso station, and then headed south into the Czech Republic to Prague. Just before getting to the border we found out we are supposed to buy a toll sticker to allow us to drive on the toll roads. Thank goodness there was a little stand at the rest stop where we were able to buy one because we crossed the border shortly after which was immediately a toll road and we did see a police car! The cheapest sticker was 12 Euro and good for 10 days. 

 There was a lot of construction on the autoban and our GPS got us lost for a short time, but after following some back roads, a lot of cursing, and seeing some of the countryside we eventually found our way back to the A8.

Sunset in Czech

Care for some Czech snacks? 

They're so cute!

 It was getting dark as we got to Prague but it was still gorgeous. The buildings were ancient and everywhere you looked you could see the silouette of a steeple. The Czech money only worth about $.05 but that doesn't mean things are cheap. It just costs ALOT of the local money to buy anything. Prices were pretty much what you'd expect to pay. We parked close to the Prague Castle at a parking meter. There was a money changing stand right next to the parking lot. For 5 Euro I was able to buy 119 Czech Crowns or CZK. it cost 10 CZK to park for 15 min (about $.50). The castle was enormous. There were police at almost every corner near the palace. They don't allow pictures of the castle unless you pay for a license and since it was dark it didn't seem worth it, so I have only have limited photos from a distance. We bought some souvenirs and changed some more money to bring back with us. 

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