Friday, April 29, 2011

One of our own

I created a wonderful memory with my 3 year old daughter today. We sat and watched the Royal Wedding on TV together while we ate our scones with raspberry jam that we made together last night. She got out the camera and started taking pictures of the television she was so excited. "The pwincess is in the car mommy!" & "The pwincess is so pretty mommy!" were heard several times. She even posed next to the TV so I could take a picture of her watching the wedding. When I was about 2 1/2 I watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married with my mother. Of course I don't remember it but she tells me about it. Knowing my mother and I did the same thing 30 years ago makes me feel even closer to her and to my daughter. 

After all, history was made today and instead of it being  about something depressing like troops being sent into war or a government shut down; it was something joyous and beautiful! It allowed us Army wives to think about something else for a couple hours and take a break from all the worrying we do about our deployed military. We deserve to celebrate and think about something happy. How many celebrations do we have while our men are away?  How merry can they be when we know part of our heart is missing? Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries all become just a little bittersweet when the one you want to celebrate with isn't with you. So if you watched the wedding today and enjoyed it, don't let anyone make you feel bad about it! It was nice to see one more happy married couple join our ranks. Remember, Kate is one of us now. She's an Army wife too ;)

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