Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We all scream for Eis!

Last night my daughter brought a handful of coins to me and said she wanted to take them to the park. She said she wanted to buy some ice cream. (I never take a purse with me to the park so when the Eis truck comes I always tell her I don't have any money. If one parent gives in and gets ice cream then the rest of the kids start whining for it so it's just easier if we all say no.) I asked her where she got the money thinking she'd been digging in my purse again but she said her piggy bank. Sure enough, her piggy bank was lying empty on her dresser. I figured she'd forget about it but when we walked to the post office today she made sure to fill her pockets with coins! She got lucky. Even though the weather was insane today (raining, hailing, sunshine, more hail, then cold and cloudy) he came by this afternoon and she got her blue ice cream cone with sprinkles. How could I say no?

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