Monday, April 25, 2011

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!

It was a weekend of BBQ's for us in Baumholder. We celebrated an early Easter Saturday with a German friend/neighbor who's parents were visiting from Mainz. The food was delicious and we even fit in a water fight. Sunday we spent the first half of the day in bed (that's my favorite way to spend the day by the way) and then had to practically lead my daughter to where the Easter bunny had left her basket of goodies. She doesn't quite have the hang of it yet. We had another BBQ behind our building yesterday with most the people in our building and my neighbor cooked a feast all by herself. Today we had (drumroll please...) a BBQ and our Easter egg hunt at the park to celebrate with friends who were out of town for the other BBQ. Three BBQ's in a row!! BBQ's and birthdays. There seems to be no end to them around here :) I can't complain though when we have such great friends to share them with.  

What der Osterhase brought us

She's starting to scare me a little. She bites the faces right off and that's all she eats. Even off of Peeps!

A really big Kinder Egg

Mmmm, Kinder candy is the BEST!!

There goes his face!

She was so proud

"He wanted to go in my tummy" she said


das Ostereiersuchen (The Easter Egg Hunt

As much as I've enjoyed spending so much time among friends, I'm actually looking forward to the next meal with my husband at home. Even if I have to cook it. I can only handle hot dogs and potato salad for so long! I even made a pregnant friend throw up! Apparently mushrooms make her vomit in her current condition and she didn't realize they were in my green bean casserole! 

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