Monday, December 19, 2011

Stuck inside a snow globe

About three years ago my grandmother got a snow globe of my cousin as a gift. He had taken a photo of himself arms outstretched, face to the sky trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue, cut it out and put it in one of those "add your own picture" snow globes. My grandma wanted me to get Hailey to do that so she could have one of her too. Well, at that time we were living in Texas and there was NO snow. Last year I got the picture of her doing that, but I couldn't find the snow globes anywhere!  This year I found the snow globes and decided to finally do it. I'm hoping that since MY memory isn't so great that my grandmothers might be even worse? Or maybe since time seems to go faster the older you get, maybe at her age it'll seem like she just asked me a couple of months ago? I can hope right? 

I had planned to use this photo I took last year with her arms out...

But it's from last year and I wanted something more current. So I *borrowed* this picture of my daughter from a friend. (See the previous blog on how to edit out things in the background.)

 I wanted to it to show on both sides of the snow globe. I hadn't decided if I was going to cut it to fit the globe yet, or cut around the photo so I had to make a mirror copy so they would line up when they were back to back. To do this I opened the photo in Photoshop, made a copy and then went to the "Image" menu at the top. I clicked on "image rotation" and then "flip canvas horizontal." Then I printed out both pictures, put then back to back and cut around the template that came with the snow globe. 

It's still not quite right because there is quite a bit of space where you insert the picture and you can see into it. I tried cutting a strip of paper, stuffing it with tissue paper but I think what I'm going to do is paint it from the inside. (see what I mean) 


That'll have to be a different day. I think since I found the snow globes pretty cheap I'm going to purchase some more and try the photo from last year, and try cutting around her so none of the background shows and see how they look. (I guess I didn't need to edit my husband out of the photo if I'm just going to cut around it anyway!) Oh well :) At least I learned how to do it!

If I get around to it I'll post an update with pictures...

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