Thursday, December 1, 2011


We made donuts today! 
Rolling out the dough... I didn't have biscuit cutters so i just used a cup and a shot glass

We decided to fry up the holes too but you could roll them back into the dough to make more donuts if you wanted

My little "helper"

After letting them rise for an hour they got nice and puffy!

Yum, yum!

It took a couple tries but it seems 2 min in the oil was the magic number

(these were after 3 min and they were a little darker but still good)

375 degrees

The holes were a little trickier to flip, they kept rolling back over!

The ingredients for the apple cider glaze

The finished glazed donuts

I put powdered sugar on half of the donut holes

This recipe doesn't make a lot but it was more than enough for our family. I ended up with 10 donuts and 2 dozen donut holes. 

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