Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Adventures of the Pithy Pumpkin On Location

Since I'm booked solid for the month of November, I thought I'd go location scouting today. I find it helpful to take photos of places I might like to use in the future so I can better visualize what I want to shoot, and it helps me remember certain locations later. Here are some new places I found today. ( I took my pumpkin along so I'd have something to focus on...and I thought it'd be fun for him to et out of the house ;)



Can you see yourself in any of these shots?

As a side note, I took this opportunity to work on back button focusing and manual focus. They didn't all turn out, but it went pretty well! I love learning new skills!


  1. What a beautiful location! I love this idea and I need to practice back button focusing too..I'm going to do this!