Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Genealogy Tour - Denmark

I wrote awhile ago about my father-in-law visiting and taking a trip to Berlin. After Berlin we started making our way up to our final destination of Gjovik, Norway to see where my husband's family came from and a nearby town where my mother's relatives originated. We drove from Berlin up to the northern coast of Germany to Rostock, Germany and drove our car onto a ferry to Denmark. I'd never been on a ferry before and I loved it! We were able to go up to the top deck and take pictures.

Our first view of Denmark!! We drove the car off the ferry and headed to Copenhagen.


There were bicycles everywhere!!!

This was a famous amusement park, but we didn't go inside.

We accidentally wandered into an open air concert. There were drunk people everywhere, gay pride groups, and I'm pretty sure some drugs. Not the best place to wander into after dark with a five year old. Oops!

McDonald's was just about the only place open so we ate there. Just to give you an idea on how expensive things were I took a picture of the menu. Below is a picture at the gas station.

Their coins were so cool!

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