Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wondering What To Do With All Your Child's Artwork?

I started scanning my daughter's artwork into the computer when she first started drawing and I didn't want to throw out those first precious drawings but they were starting to take over a basket in our office. Then I could throw the majority of them away without feeling guilty. Of course I saved my favorites but just a few. After we moved I got lazy about scanning them and the pile from the last two years was starting to build up again. Especially since she started pre-school last fall. I finally sat down and scanned in the last 270 drawings. But what do you do with them? 

The timing for this couldn't be better. Let me give you the back-story...
A while ago I had an offer from Groupon. (If you'd like me to refer you I get $5 credit for each referral, cough cough ;) Anyway, the offer was to purchase a $50 gift card to Mixbook for $15. The catch is the gift-card is only good for six months. After the six months it is only worth the amount you paid, (in my case the $15). I purchased one of these in December that I had to use by May 4th. I used it to scrapbook all of our trips and time in Europe. I got a pretty decent sized book out of it too and only had to pay shipping. I waited until five days before it expired to order so I could fit in every last adventure. The second gift-card I bought in February and it had to be used by the end of August. I knew I won't have enough vacation photos to fill it in the next three months but it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up. After I finished scanning all the drawings in dawned on me! 

I'm going to put all of her art in a photo-book from Mixbook so it will be easy to take with us wherever we move! Luckily I have the next three months to get it just the way I want it before I have to put the order in. When I finally get it I'll make sure to show you. (If you'd like to see the draft send me your e-mail and I'll invite you to see it.)

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  1. That is such a great idea! I would like to see the sample and would dig a groupon coupon as well. My email address is
    Hailey is a wonderful little artist!!