Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

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Let me begin by saying that each parent seems to have their own definition of "potty trained." To me it means we are done with diapers and aside from the occasional accident my daughter goes in the potty all the time. By some parents definitions she's potty trained. To me - she is not even close. My particular little angel refuses to poop on the toilet. As long as she is not in a diaper she will pee in the bathroom and can make it through a nap dry. It's discouraging to have a three and a half year old that is still working some aspects of it when other kids get the hang of it so much sooner. I have read article after article, gotten advice from books, neighbors, friends, family (solicited and unsolicited.) So much so that I try not to mention it anymore if I can help it. Everyone on earth seems to think they have the answer. I'm sure if you have had a tough time with your kids and the potty you know exactly what I mean. The "miracle solution" usually turns out to be something you have tried exactly one million and one times.
 We have tried stickers and candy and toys as rewards. We read books until both our behinds are numb. We even promised to get her a bike (which has been sitting the basement for almost 3 months because I refuse to let her have it until she follows through on the deal.) I have let her run around nude in the house only to find a giant chocolate "egg" sitting on top of her toy box. The only suggestion I have not tried was making her change own diaper after soiling herself. (She will already change it after wetting herself and if THAT isn't an indicator that she's ready for the toilet I don't know what is!) Imagine our surprise when we walk into our bedroom tonight and find our daughter sitting on a blanket she has spread on the floor, diaper off, with a roll of toilet paper!! She was indeed changing her own diaper and it did not seem to gross her out in the slightest. I'm afraid my last hope of pushing her towards the toilet just got flushed. I keep hearing that it's a control issue and they will do it when they are ready. I just hope it happens before I have to start wearing diapers!

Since I am on the subject of pee and poo, I came across something while shopping that was too cute not to share. I might have to try making some of these for my daughter. If nothing else maybe they'd lighten the mood  :D 
PooPees Play Set

If you have any humorous toilet training stories I would love to hear them!  I think we'll have a contest and the best story will win a set of felt pee and poo dolls! Keep checking back for updates.

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