Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Genealogy Tour - Norway (Part Three - Ness/Mjosa)

The third day we went to find where my ancestors lived. Some of the information I had information that they lived in different towns but they were all very close together. We headed to the island of Mjosa to see the Skavang farm.

Unfortunately it was either no longer there or we took a wrong turn. Most likely it just doesn't exist anymore.

This is where it should have stood.

I did find this mailbox though...

We still got to tour the area and see some beautiful views. We even stopped at a flea market and bought a few things to take home. We found a church but no Skavang headstones. :(

The church in Ness

These headstones were all removed but I thought it was nice that they kept them

While I was taking this picture a bird pooped on my husband hehehe!

Before heading back to the hostel we stopped at a museum in Gjovik where there was a replica of what the old town would have been like.

All these cabins in the woods reminded me of a creepy movie.

They would be fantastic for taking pictures though!

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