Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm in Love with a Camera Strap

I like pretty things. I like to stand out and be different. (Not tattoos on my face or shaved head different, but more of a "Ooh, look! I've never seen a camera strap like that before!" way.) I have entered numerous contests trying to win myself an Epiphanie camera bag. If you haven't seen them, check them out here. They are gorgeous! They are also around $150-185 which I don't feel comfortable spending on myself right now. Maybe someday, but right now some new business cards, lighting, a new lens; all those things seem a little more urgent. So I keep entering contest hoping like heck that I'll win. Someone has to win them right?

My other fantasy indulgence item that I want purely because it is so pretty is a camera strap from Straps Made With Love. She has so many hand crafted straps, many of them one of a kind. They too are a little more than I wish to spend at the moment but not nearly as extravagant as the camera bag. I am entering a contest over at Susanne Vedvik's blog to try to win one. This is my second attempt at winning a camera strap. If I don't succeed feel free to purchase one for me as a Christmas gift, wink wink! I'm hoping maybe karma will be on my side this time.

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