Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 years in Germany

I just realized that I missed our 2 year anniversary in Germany! How time has flown. Last year I did a recap of all the things that had changed over the past year. Let's see, Adam had back surgery and wow, what a difference that has made! My hair went from blonde to brown, we had several visits from family members, I've given up knitting and replaced it with photography. Last year we were planning a baby shower for a friend, I can't believe that baby is almost a year old! My pregnant friends have had their babies and now I other friends expecting.  (There is always someone expecting LOL). We've experienced a lot as a family. We visited 3 more countries, many many castles, and for the first time went to some Christmas markets. We are planning to add two more countries to our list this weekend and hopefully a couple more this summer as this will be our last year in Germany. We have had to say goodbye to some good friends and will have a lot more leaving in the months to come. I hope we can make the most of our time left in Europe and look forward to meeting new friends as old friends move away and new people filter in.

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